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DUBturbo and Sound Cards

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Digital work stations that produce music used to be microprocessor based equipment, but with the spread of personal computers, they have transitioned to software based systems like DUBturbo.  Because digital work stations record, edit, and play back audio tracks, they need four components: computer, digital audio editor, input device such as a mouse, and a sound converter also called a sound card.  A sound card is necessary because it is the electronic device that changes analog signals into digital signals.  Converting the audio signal to digital makes it easier to work with when you are making music.  For example, you can convert it to CD and MP3 formats.  Different sound cards work at different levels of resolution, so generally the more you pay for a sound card the higher the resolution.  Higher resolutions allow you to produce higher quality music on your digital workstation.  It is important to have the right sound card for your needs.  For example, an average sound card has about the same resolution as a CD.

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